Masters Black

Masters Black is a unique and exclusive service combining the skills of two Kung Fu Masters with over six decades of experience in teaching mental focus, mindfulness and stress management to individuals and corporate organizations. They fuse together historic Eastern teachings with contemporary Western experiences and pragmatism. It is extremely rare for two Kung Fu Masters to work together in this way.

They create bespoke Kung Fu-based training programs to help people deal with commonplace challenges as well as helping those who simply want to improve technique and enhance fitness.

They teach clients “Focus in Motion” – a series of thousand year old practices based on deep breathing and relaxation techniques combined with physical movement, which when correctly performed leads to the desired state of “Kung Focus“. Your mind will learn to relax, be alert and better prepare it to deal with today’s stresses and challenges.

Masters Black is not just about combat. Their practices stem from ancient Kung Fu and Chi Kung energy techniques designed to help overcome common issues like stress, anxiety and insomnia.



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Posted on Date:
Friday, December 1, 2017