Lana Black

LanaBlack is a stand out feature in the premium photography scene, with an expansive portfolio ranging from landscapes, portraits, architecture product photography amongst others. Capturing the right image/exposure is central to the work I do.
As a graphic designer, i have worked on Advertising Campaigns over the years to deliver stunning Graphics  and Renderings. I provide clients with the right visuals/graphics to  tell their unique stories. My love for clean design is apparent in all my work, as I try to minimise the often ubiquitous noise associated with creative work.
As a trained and practicing architect my appreciation for usable, innovative design is visibly significant, with my portfolio spanning residential and commercial projects.
My passion for documenting, creating, and the finer details has led to me to a career in photography. As I pursue these passions concurrently, my work becomes an amalgamation of these skills and is one of the core themes to whatever I create.
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Thursday, April 19, 2018