Destination: Success! Reach Luxury Travelers Online with an Impressive Web Presence on the .BLACK Domain.

Right now, winter weather has its grip on the Northern Hemisphere, and it’s a good time to talk about the global luxury travel market. Business opportunities are heating up for companies providing high-tier, exclusive services and premier products related to the industry. Travel industry reports and economic indicators point toward increased global luxury travel and booming business throughout 2015, and for the next several years. A report on says luxury travel agents “anticipate very strong luxury travel bookings for 2015 and increased interest in Europe as the U.S. dollar strengthens…” Nearly 90 percent of the luxury travel agents surveyed for the report said their luxury bookings are higher than or equal to last year at this time.


“Unique” is the word

Not surprisingly, Luxury Travel Report: Things Are Looking Good for 2015, says luxury travelers are looking for experiences that stand out from the norm. “Today’s luxury clients are looking for more unique experiences and exclusive access and want to learn the local secrets of the destinations they explore,” the report says. Keep in mind that luxury travelers do tend to take things seriously. They expect and appreciate attention-to-detail and the finer things in life. Luxury travelers also expect the people and businesses they work with, and the services and brands they buy, to share the same philosophy and to meet or exceed their expectations – lots of expectations!


Unique at first sight

While luxury travelers look for unique experiences, the method they look is really not unique: they search online like most travelers do. According to the recent research report The Well Connected Traveller – The Changing Face of Today’s Travel Consumers, the industry has seen “a massive jump towards the Internet as a source of information and a place to book [travel]… Online search engines continue to dominate the industry with two out of three leisure travelers (66%) and 59% of business travelers using them to research travel.” On a global basis, industry research and reports are all verifying the online trend for travel consumers. One report says, “2014 saw an increasingly sophisticated digital audience shun human interaction in favor of digital research, planning and booking.”

In this highly congested search market, how can your business stand out? How do you immediately project that image of being different and better in everything you do, in all your marketing messages, and in all your customer experiences?

Show them how unique you are right from the very first point of contact – your web address. Just like your business name or logo, your web address says a lot about who you are and what you represent. Imagine on a long page of Google search results of or, the customer sees: “” That’s different! The images associated with your web address are ones of style, exclusivity, and the best-of-the-best quality – that’s what luxury travelers are looking for!

Explore what a .BLACK domain name can do for your business: it’s the perfect destination for all things luxury-related.


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Thursday, February 26, 2015